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About our cattery

Welcome to the website of our Burmese family cattery Terra di Pantera.

If you are reading this, most likely you, like us, are fascinated by these extraordinary, fantastically beautiful, graceful cats with a heartfelt gaze of golden-amber eyes that penetrates the very heart. Our love for Burmese originated in 2014, when we acquired our first breeding Burmese beauty of blue color Ice J Lo, and at home just Jenny. A year later, she gave us kittens and we plunged into this exciting, emotional world of growing and raising fluffy lumps. At first, we did not plan for a few cats ... But, as you know, humans only assume. Now we have several Burmese.

Each of our cats is unique for us in its own way, each has its own character, appearance, but they are united by one thing - boundless trust and devotion to their man. For our part, we try to answer them in kind, our cats are members of our family, we are in great responsibility before them. As our cattery develops, we have to constantly study and learn something new, this also applies to the health of cats, taking into account the characteristics of the breed, and nutrition, and the development and education of kittens, zoopsychology and various other issues of felinology.

Why is our cattery called home? Sometimes people call us and ask, are you a nursery or an ordinary apartment? We are a registered cattery in an ordinary apartment)) Our kittens have pedigrees, and we are with them in the club, while conducting breeding activities we adhere to the rules prescribed by the club. But we are distinguished from large catteries by a small number of cats living with us as family members. The principles of our breeding work are based primarily on the fact that all our animals, both cats and kittens, are healthy and prosperous. External breed data, as well as the true Burmese character, are also important for us. All our kittens are the most beautiful, clever and beloved for us.

Burmese cat kitten