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In a house where there is a BURMA, there are no other ornaments!
Самая популярная порода кошек в мире - это европейская бурма. Котята бурма станут вам другом и любимым питомцем семьи, кошек породы бурма отличает от других пород мягкий характер, дружелюбие и преданность.

About our cattery

We are glad to welcome you on the site of our kennel!

Our cattery is still young, he is 4 years old. All pets were purchased by us in elite nurseries, from the famous and respected in many countries of the world Breeders. Our breeding program is based on the many years of experience of our Breeders - mentors. They entrusted us with beautiful burgers in the modern type of European Burmese, which give birth to even more beautiful offspring!

Our obsession with Burmese began with the way my husband gave me a sable cat for Nick for his birthday. She pleased us with her silk fur and even more silk character, inherent only Burmese cats! Nika fascinated us with her caress and attention, participating in all the affairs. Burmese are very early and passionate.

Soon our beauty began to hint that she needed a fiance ... So we had a host of Pride Bobby)) To him for complete happiness, one bride was not enough and he began to sing a song to us: "If I were a sultan, I would have three wives and triple beauty would be surrounded ..."))) Bobby got himself a harem!

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